Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday's Salsa Verde

Having read Felicity Cloake's article last week about how to make the perfect Salsa Verde, I decided to take on the challenge myself, so today I made a batch. This very versatile sauce can be made with a never ending combination of different ingredients. I think the ratio of ingredients you choose to use is dependant on what you are pairing it with, and of course personal preference. You can vary the texture, the saltiness and which combination of key ingredients you include in the mix. It would be nice to have all day to experiment with this magic green sauce, but sadly my Salsa Verde doesn't quite get a whole Sunday to itself! 

Making a Salsa Verde is a bit like salad dressing, if you practice enough you will find out the combination that works for you. As a gherkin hater I decided to leave them out, but parsley, garlic and anchovies all made the cut. With no food processor or even a Pestle and Mortar, I had do a bit of improvisation and use a soup stick, so this recipe is possible to make even in the lesser equipped kitchen. 

So far this batch of Salsa Verde has been enjoyed with freshly baked cod and also an omelette (a little bit of an odd combination), however it can jazz up vegetables and meat too. Personally I like to add it before the end of cooking,  this means the flavours are absorbed into the dish, adding it at the end you risk the sauce becoming rather overpowering. 

To make one small jar you will need... 

- One clove of garlic
- 4 anchovy fillets
- 2 tbsps capers
- 4 tbsps olive oil 
- 1 tbsp white wine vinegar (or red works too)
- Half a large bunch of parsley, leaves removed from stalks
- Salt and pepper

You will need to... 

- Finely chop and salt your garlic clove, then using the side of your knife make into a paste, if you are using a food processor you do not need to do this. 
- Finely chop your parsley leaves
- Put  the capers, anchovies, garlic paste and vinegar into a mixing bowl or food processor and combine into a paste
- Then add the oil, parsley and seasoning
- Further oil can be added to loosen the sauce
- The Salsa Verde can be kept for a few weeks in a jar in the fridge


Z x